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Overwrite Book

What I want to describe with this artbook is our memory as a challenge of our experiences... The words inside are Past and Future, and the order in which they disappear is because we can not remember our most remote past, and at the same time, we can not see clearly what our future will be. For these reasons the start of this book is from the center, center is our present and you can guess it by the numbering of pages. Having said that, all the rest makes sense on its own.
Our memory captures information by overwriting it on others. For this, each one of us, through our experiences, changes, overturns its point of views and own opinions. Overwrite is the metaphor of all this, through decomposition of letters, it creates overrides of “signs” that affect the subsequent ones and it changes the perception of these past ones. These signs can be edited one by one from users for new inspirations, or they can be used to stimulate a reflective moment.
The pages will change “form”, they will influence each other by interacting with themselves and with us, helping us to create a new experience every time.


Cristian Li Voi


Publishing House:

Le Penseur Publisher

ISBN: 9788895315621 - Pages: 128 - Genre: Design e grafica - Language: Italian/English

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La Feltrinelli




Le Penseur Publisher


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