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Neuroport - Interport that for non-physical travels 


The Neuroport is a non-physical transport system that project the traveler into the destination by using an avatar. Through a technology of neuronal reception that creates a bridge with the avatar, the person will fully experience the permanence in the place, being able to perceive images, sounds, and all that the senses return, without moving from the place of origin.

At the Neuroport, thanks to the use of an application, he is able to identify the right cell in which he has to enter to start the process. In the cell, the user can assume a semi-seated position and apply sensors that allow data transmission. After that, he loses consciousness of his biological body to wake up in an avatar that reproduces its movements, leaves the cell located in the destination city, and enters the world acting in subrogation of the original user.

Once the travel session is over, the avatar goes back to the cell indicated by the application and returns the cognitive powers to the original user, returning to stand-by status, waiting for the next user.

The building is shaped by the aggregation of a series of modular storage components. The module has a vertical configuration, generated by an extruded hexagonal base twisted in half ‘of sixty degrees, to allow a compact but at the same time free aggregation and generating vertical corridors used by the capsules to move from their position to the loading area.


The particular form of the module influences their combinations: the bottom side of the module could be connected only with the upper side of the neighbor one. Each module can shift a random value in a specific range to provide the characteristic uncertain distribution.

The modular elements are monolithic bio-composite structures able to store the capsules and at the same time, they are the infrastructure where the capsules move.

The capsules are similar to a lift booth, the peculiarity is that they can move on two axes, so both vertically and horizontally. This aspect facilitates the management of the capsules by the system, which is a key element of the entire logistics of Neuroport. The management of the Neuroport logistics is carried out by an Artificial Intelligence able to synchronize the movements based on the arrivals of the users.

The structure of the building is developed vertically to limit the space occupied on the ground. This reverses the natural tendency of interports to engage large parcels of land, which in some cases lead to the need to locate them outside the urban context (eg Airport).


I’m late! I’m just leaving the house and Maynard, with his floppy ears is right on the carpet of the door. Woof! 

What a flashback, I saw this same position back in time! Of course, two years ago. I just can’t forget, it was the first time I took the surrogate transport. Looking back, poor guy, I spent my most anxious night, because of the fear that something terrible could happen. I found it so strange I had to leave my body in a cell, while my mental faculties were reaching Springtown. Crazy stuff! Honestly now I sneer at that fear, but the idea that I could go to the office through an avatar was freaking insane!


I mean, I had no choice, since Tod entered the Neurolines Pass in the company incentive program and assigned extra permits to those who joined it... Actually not a bad idea, since we use the surrogate transport instead of commuting and we get to the office so fresh that we are productive enough for the off days. I felt so heroic that night when I came to my biological body and I left the Neuroport. I felt like I accomplished an extraordinary feat, but soon it became just a routine for thousands of people around the world.


It is crazy to think how many things that seemed absurd can become part of our daily life. I remember Grandpa when he told us how people reacted to the invention of the smartphone. Of how the sliding of fingers on the screen was such an awkward gesture. There were so many critics who stated that the smartphone would make us all dependent... Sure, if they knew how many other revolutionary objects were invented in the meantime!


Well, with the non-physical transport it was almost the same. How many people were skeptical! I remember how many times I rummaged in the living room looking for the train pass! Wow, sometimes I forget how comfortable the entrance to the Neuroport with the retinal scan is... And sure, the strangest thing at the beginning was to enter the cell and lie on the bed. I must tell the truth it was much more scary in the demo video. The absence of windows, the austere surroundings… The whole picture seemed disturbing. Surprisingly, as soon as I stepped into the cell, I felt an immediate sense of calm and well-being. And what about the awakening in the avatar’s body ... a tremendously realistic experience! But... like all the exciting things, when they become routines they lose all the magic and all those clumsy gestures now flow fluids in everyday life.


It is gray outside, it’s going to rain. When I used to take two trains to go to the office, the rain was an absolute nightmare. The exchange camp was outdoors and I always ended up soaked and cold.


I used to come back home in a nervous rush at staggering hours. Lucy almost sent me to hell. Not to mention the girls ... God, I was such an absent father! After all the surrogate transport has freed time and energy for my family. Even our career path has taken a better direction since there is the possibility to work anywhere in the world, Lucy has been able to realize her dreams! A crazy schedule ‘cause she works in Mexico City, but it’s worth it!


And what about the backache, with all those hours I spent sitting at the desk I was almost collapsed... Now my body is stretched, massaged, and refreshed all day long, while my meninges carry on my tasks! Well, I’ll leave the cell tonight more rested than how I’ll get there this morning.


Stop basking in memories, it’s late! The last caress for you and let’s go. Thank you my hairy friend for reminding me of this page from the past and how much my life has changed since then, but… do not do it too often or you’ll make me feel old!


Cristian Li Voi & Nyxo Visionary Design

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