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Mixture Lamp

My project was born out of the desire to create something new, something that nobody ever created before. A new way to review the materials and their developments, making it possible to open a revolutionary world within the design, where the objects are similar but not the same and everything is controlled by uncontrollable factors.
The object I am presenting is a table lamp with a lampshade created using bread dough. To create this, I studied different factors, among which: the leavening temperature, the leavening process in itself and the moisture considered in the quantity of water used into the dough and the air. Once I found the right “recipe”, I started studying the shape that, during its rising, can usually become amazingly unpredictable.This explains why every lampshade is unique. The final product is preserved by means of a resin layer that is applied at the end of this process so that all features can be maintained. The final effect is a pattern that somehow managed to create itself and therefore offers a new and unique design.


Cristian Li Voi




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