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AWA Cover - Another way for Amputees

Awa is the acronym for Another Way for Amputees. The construction of the logo and the concept of the brand stems from the value attributed to the initial (W) of the central word WAY, to emphasize the metaphorical importance of the road. It is well known that ambition is the way to success and the AWA Prosthetics Cover brand is the embodiment of this. The way to go to achieve success: the climb that represents fear, doubt, uncertainty and effort to reach the top and the descent that is the affirmation of what has been created and the satisfaction for having succeeded. But the street is also a metaphor for life and this brand was born from the need to be able to give the amputee a new way to present himself to the world, give him the opportunity to show off the missing limb again and boast of the beauty of the accessory he wears. Those who choose an AWA cover have already traveled an uphill road, full of fears, prejudices and non-acceptance, but today they are ready to discover themselves and show the world who they are.

Computational Design:

Cristian Li Voi 

Production Design:

AWA Cover


Images courtesy of:

ROGA Enna - AWA Cover



AWA Cover

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